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My name is Kristian, I’m a photographer from Finland who likes abstract photography, a cup of coffee in the morning and is trying to improve his photography skills constantly. That is one of the reasons why this website exists – I want to share you the things I’ve learned, and learn new things along the way.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and find the content useful. Oh, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment or two!

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Strange Worlds Some people have been asking how I make my photographs. It’s quite long process sometimes, but overall it’s not that difficult to create something like the image on the left side.

So this time I have something quite different than usual. I want to show you the the whole process of making abstarct photographs, from the start to the finished image.

Let’s get started! (read more…)

photoshop elements vs photoshopWhen people talk about Adobe Photoshop, they usually refer to the “real” one (at the moment Photoshop CS6). Many photographers use it for editing their images, which is fine, but what about its often forgotten little brother, Photoshop Elements?

There are a couple of differences between the two, the biggest one being the pricing: Photoshop Elements is way cheaper than Photoshop CS6.

So there must be something important missing in the Elements, right?

Let’s find out! It’s time for quick Adobe Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop comparison. (read more…)

phare de la baleine by bourget_82

phare de la baleine by bourget_82

Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography, in fact bad composition will definitely ruin any photograph. But the problem is that “good” and “bad” composition depends on the viewer’s point of view.

So what to do? Well, there are a couple of rules on how most of the people see “good” composition. So today I will share the most important rules of composition in photography to help you improve!

However before we get started I should mention that these are not actual “rules”, they are more like guidelines so you don’t have to follow these all the time. Breaking these “rules” can be as effective as following them, if not even more effective.

Anyhow, let’s get started! (read more…)

cinta fitri #2 by yoga - photowork

cinta fitri #2 by yoga – photowork

Today I’ll talk about 10 advanced photography techniques that you should know about. I bet you know at least some of these, but there may be some you are not that familiar with.

Well anyways, all of these techniques are fun, so if you haven’t tried them yet then you should definitely do that.

However, some of them require a lot of effort or certain equipment (well these are called advanced photography techniques after all), but if you are willing to invest some money and/or time then you will be able to try any of these.

Okay, here we go: (read more…)

la nebbia di settembre by francesco sgroi

la nebbia di settembre by francesco sgroi

I haven’t written new posts for some time now, to make up for it I decided to do something truly epic. This is the epic list of 92 landscape photography tips and techniques that you can implement today and see instant improvement on your landscape photography.

I have shared some landscape photography tips in the past but I felt that there was still many things I didn’t cover. This is why I wanted to revisit the subject. In order to come up with all these tips I had to read over 30 different articles about landscape photography, it was a crazy amount of work and this list ended up being over 5500 words long.

But enough rambling, let’s get to the content! (read more…)

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